You can create a support ticket after signing into your account in the support portal. 
*Please note that this portal is primarily used for creating production support tickets.


Bronze subscription customers

If you have a Bronze subscription, please do not raise Severity 1 or Severity 2 tickets as those strictly relate to production use of your licensed products. If you do open a ticket with Severity 1 or 2, it will be treated with the SLA normally assigned to Severity 3 tickets.

For faster response times and to enable production use of your licensed products, contact us to upgrade your subscription package.

Quick guide to creating support tickets on the customer portal

  1. Log in. 

  2. Click the New support ticket link as indicated on the below image:


You will be re-directed to the ticket form, where you will be prompted to provide the following:

  1. Subject, which includes a short description of the problem

  2. Description, which clearly describes the full incident, including the events leading up to the incident & a summary of any actions already taken to resolve the issue

  3. Severity (1-4). See below for definitions of the four severity levels

  4. Product or products, if known (Axon Framework, Axon Server, Data Protection Module, AxonIQ Cloud)

  5. Environment if known (development, pre-production, production)

  6. Additional fields (product versions, number of nodes, context, phone number, etc.) Please note that the more information you provide, the quicker we can help resolve the issue.

  7. Attachments (please provide relevant sections of log files and/or any other relevant documents related to the incident, by clicking on the ‘+ Attach a file’ button and uploading the file(s). If log files contain or could contain personal information that cannot be obfuscated or otherwise excluded from the logs, the log files must not be included by email. Instead, notify support engineers that log files containing personal information are available)


After completing the above, click Submit. You will then receive a confirmation email.


Your confirmation email will include:

  1. Your Company’s subscription information

  2. Severity level

  3. Support availability hours and response time in accordance with your Axon package SLA.


Please check the formal definition of severity levels here.