You may log in at any time to check the status of your support tickets by clicking Check Ticket Status, as shown below:



A ticket’s status changes as it progresses. You can filter tickets out based on their status via the drop down list above your list of tickets, as shown below:



Selecting All Tickets will show every ticket raised by you, regardless of the ticket’s status. 

  • Being processed - Tickets that are still being processed by our agents

  • Awaiting your Reply -Tickets that our agents have requested your correspondence on

  • Resolved (This ticket has been Resolved) - Tickets that have received a resolution by our agents

  • Closed (This ticket has been Closed- Tickets that you have confirmed a final resolution on



You can reply to tickets and reopen them, should you have any further questions. If you’re a user enabled to see all company tickets, you will be able to view all tickets opened by anyone within your company.