The AxonIQ support team can be reached by using the “” email address as the first point of contact, using specific triggers to alert support staff to Severity 1 or 2 incidents. 

To trigger a support request:

  1. Send an email to the “” email address. That email must not be a reply to an email sent earlier,

  2. The subject line must start with the Severity level (“Severity 1”, “Severity 2”, “Severity 3”, “Severity 4”) and be followed by a short description of the problem.

  3. Originating from the agreed email domain.

The body of the email message should provide:

  • A clear description of the symptoms and the events leading up to the incident

  • A summary of any actions that have already been performed to resolve the issue

  • The name and version of each of the AxonIQ products in use

  • Relevant sections of log files* related to the incident

  • Any specific configuration information available on the environment

  • A phone number where the engineer may contact you in case direct contact is required

*Note In case log files contain or could contain personal information that cannot be obfuscated or otherwise excluded from the logs, the log files must not be included by email. Instead, notify support engineers that log files containing personal information are available.

When a Severity 1 or Severity 2 issue has been reported, you will get an automatic email reply from the Support Team acknowledging that the issue was recognized as such. A support engineer is actively notified at the same time.

The formal definitions of the severities and SLAs are available here.